Our quality charter

1°/ Our spirulina is grown outdoors in bright sunlight (and not in a greenhouse).

2°/ Freeze-dried, it retains all of its original vitamins.

3°/ Swimming is prohibited in the cultivation areas.

4°/ The spirulina is rinsed several times with pure water to ensure perfect hygiene and sanitation standards.

5°/ The cultivation areas are located in a privileged environment *, which is a guarantee of high quality.

6°/ Our spirulina is selected based on the quality of its unique flavour.

Our products are regularly tested and have been approved as a dietary supplement since August 1999 by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). They are also guaranteed free of GMOs (genetically modified organisms). The company Cyanotech received ISO and NPA-GMP (Natural Products Association - Good Manufacturing Practice) certification. Our Spirulina is also certified as Kosher by Organized Kashrus Laboratories. The blue algae Spirulina Pacifica © is a natural product that contains no additives. 

* Hawaii: the basins used for growing the spirulina are filled with a unique mixture of spring water and deep sea water rich in minerals from the California Desert, as well as purified water from the Colorado River. (See tab "Our production").