Traditional production of spirulinea

Extracts from Olivier Barbaroux’s mission report on spirulina in the Lake Chad region :

production de Spiruline à Ouadi (lac) dans la région du Sahel

Wadi (lake) in the Sahel region.

Récolte de spirulines à la main dans le ouadi de Toumoun Boulia à l'aide de petites cuvettes émaillées et de paniers finements tressés

Harvested by hand in the Wadi of Toumoun Boulia with small bowls of finely enamelled and woven baskets (1).

Spirulina harvested by hand in the Wadi of Touffou (2).

The water containing spirulina is poured into bowl shapes formed in the sand (3).

En attendant le séchage de la spiruline par le soleil

Meanwhile, the spirulina is dried by the sun (1).

Dried spirulina cakes contain up to 40 % sand (2).

Vers le marché pour échanger de la spiruline

To the market to exchange spirulina.

Etals de spiruline artisanale.

Local, traditional spirulina stalls.

"This region, notably Kanem, is the African cradle of cyanobacteria consumption (blue-green algae) called spirulina. [...]

Spirulina grows spontaneously in the Wadi during the warm season. It is harvested by sieving through tightly woven basketry. The paste is dried for about two hours in bowl shapes formed by the sand or in the ground. [...]"